First film: "Ali G Indahouse"

The film "Ali G Indahouse" was released in 2002 and lasts 90 minutes. The main role, Ali G, is played by Sasha Baron Cohen.

Ali G is a young man who is with a gang named West Staines Massive. He lives in Staines (London) with his grandmother. Ali is discovered by a politician and gets sent to a political election. By chance, he wins it and becomes a politician in the British Parliament. Although he has no idea what he's supposed to do, he manages to be more famous and always occupies senior positions. Through an intrigue, the Prime Minister is dispossessed. Thereupon Ali helps him. When the problem is solved, the Prime Minister gets his job back and Ali is promoted to being his deputy. This he declines, however. Instead, he becomes an ambassador.

The film fits into the theme of stereotypes and prejudices, which we have discussed in class. This includes, among other things, that Ali is represented relatively stupid for his age because he grew up in a big city. He thinks only of party and does not worry about his qualifications. Moreover, he believes all the time that he would be the best and greatest. Added to this is that he lives as an adult with his grandmother.

In my opinion, this movie is only for entertainment. Sascha Baron Cohen plays the role as Ali G very good and the making of the film is also well done. We should be reminded that this is a fictional film. However, one should not ignore the fact that you can be successful today without the necessary qualifications, but you should not have too much hope.

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