Second film: "Bend it like Beckham"

The film "Bend it like Beckham" was released in 2002 and lasts 112 minutes.

Jess is a young girl who lives in London and loves to play football. Her parents are from India and want Jess to do traditional Indian things which doesn't include football. While she is playing in a park soccer with friends, a girl, who plays professional football and named Jules, discovers her. However, her parents don't want her to play football, and so they prohibit it. But Jess always secretly sneaks out of the house and goes to practise sessions and games. When a match with the wedding of her big sister overlaps, Jess goes to the wedding. She decides that family is more important than the game and addends the wedding. However, her father notices that she really doesn't want to be there and therefore decides to let her attend the football game.

We have already read the book in school, so I decided to take a look at the movie as well. On the one hand it addresses the stereotypes. An example can be the traditional notion of the parents who are living in an Indian neighbourhood in London. On the other hand, the traditions are also a reference to the theme of "India".

I consider the movie to be very interesting and I have also watched these even before we have seen/read it in school, because it addresses oppression of women that to this day is a big problem within even our modern society.


I hope you also like my second version ...

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